Confetti Fall/Winter 2019

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Little touches warm your heart up, don't they? A sweet email, with a thank you, when it hits your inbox, it can completely change your day, or when your friend mentions that they've been thinking about you lately. Big things are benchmarks for life's happiest moments, of course, but it's the smaller things that bring sparks of joy to your every day. Today's Real Wedding is filled to the brim with the little details that added up into a fireworks display of love! Melissa and Jason's wedding was photographed by Calgary wedding photographer Kristi Sneddon Photography. The couple chose to use personal touches to express their devotion to one another, things like the hand-painted lettering inside the ring box, the rock that held their wedding license in place during the ceremony, to the hand-crafted pen that was used to sign their initials.

We love the use of bold yellow sunflowers throughout the wedding, from the ceremony decor to the cake decor! Melissa's looked stunning in her lace overlay gown with a fantastic train, and Jason looked especially dapper in his navy tuxedo. Hear more from the couple and meet the entire Creative Team after the jump!  

From the couple:

The excitement of getting engaged can sometimes turn to anxiety when you begin to look at the long to do list ahead of you and your fiance. I would have to say that my fiance and I did enjoy the planning process. We did not feel stressed or overwhelmed, everything seemed to fall together perfectly. If you select the right vendors, it doesn't seem like work at all and more of a constant celebration of the big event to come. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with my vendors and making all the decisions and talking details. It is true what you hear that your wedding day is the best day of your life. It truly was the best day ever getting to celebrate our love with our family and friends. The smiles, laughter, love and memories will last forever. Thank you to all our vendors for making this possible. Melissa & Jason Brown