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Emily and Mark, your wedding is so sweet! There, we said what we've been thinking every since we first laid eyes on this gorgeous day when Meghan Andrews Photography submitted it. A laid back, low key affair with a distinct nautical flare, the beauty of this wedding is in the simplicity, allowing us as readers to truly appreciate the beauty of this couple's radiating love. Hear more from the photographer after the jump!

From the photographer:

I photographed a jaw-droppingly gorgeous wedding this August 25th. Emily & Mark were a perfect couple together-they just made sense as soon as you met them- you didn't question it as that's what true love should look like. There were so many great candid moments it was hard to narrow down my favourites as every moment was special to me. ♥

The couple had their ceremony at the Museum of Vancouver,  which looks like a modern space ship from the outside! They also got dressed there as well, which is a great choice with all that breathtaking natural light coming in. The ceremony itself was full of raw emotion as there was a ton of tears- happy tears of course as you knew the couple were meant to be together, and the family was just so excited this day was finally here. Emily & Mark were full of smiles and laughter during their nuptials. Then after there was joyous hugs from everyone. Emily's grandmother couldn't contain her happiness. 

Then we shot a few fun photos outside the Museum of Vancouver. The first photo of the set, looks like Mark is jumping to try to get back in the photo. I love the tilt shift lens-especially when photographing a couple in architecture, it gives it a dreamy, romantic feeling. Then we headed behind the museum to the beach front area, where there was a HUGE art installation! The couple was dancing in front of that so I had to document that. One of my favourite photos is the groom's portrait where he is profiling the camera.

After we finished there, we headed over to the False Creek Yacht Club on Granville Island, and Emily and Mark took the ferry over together. That's where their reception was happening and that's where we also did the wedding party photos.  They were a great bunch to work with and we got a lot of fun candids of them. I noticed that the bridesmaids were walking up the steps to head to the reception, so I got them to walk slowly up the steps so I could get those beauties in action. I was obsessed with those stairs, they looked like the infinity stairs from above-just went on forever! We definitely shot WAY too many photos.  Two of my favourite photos are at the very end of the post, where the couple is walking up the stairs and you can see Emily's colourful flower bridal shoes, and then the one of them kissing from above!

Emily & Mark's reception was the perfect end to a perfect day! I can't remember the last time I fully enjoyed the speeches one after the other- but this wedding I loved all of them! All very heartfelt and funny- even the grandmother made a funny speech about how she had a crush on Mark, haha! The mother of the bride's speech was very emotional and there wasn't a dry eye in the room (including me). ♥  The venue had a patio with a magnificent view of the water and boat docks with a ton of windows as far as the eye could see.