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When a couple has a unique style, you can tell right away. It's not necessarily in the big picture choices - venues or themes, but more in the details and how they execute those choices. It's in the same touches that give you a fresh spin and perspective on the wedding theme. It's a couple like Cate and Matt who start shifts towards new styles and trends, and we couldn't be happier to feature this stunning bohemian garden wedding! Photographed by Meghan Andrews Photography, the two seamlessly integrated their styles into their perfect wedding day, which was filled with sunshine! Hear more from the photographer about the day after the jump!

From the photographer: 

Cate & Matt had the most jaw dropping gorgeous wedding I have ever photographed! They got married on a sunny September day - the long weekend. I'm in love with every single detail of their wedding! I think the item I am obsessed with the most is Cate's wedding dress designed by-Willowby by Watters. I took so many photos of it, it is a simply gorgeous boho style light lilac with flowers embroidered all over, with a cutout at the back and sides of the dress. It looks very romantic and soft with a string tying at the back, tied in a bow.

I started the morning getting ready at this amazing unit the bride had rented from Airbnb downtown Vancouver. It had a ton of antique furniture pieces for me to photograph-you know my love of dilapidated things! I photographed a ton of candids of the girls laughing and getting ready. I took a ton of detail shots of Cate's amazing bridal sandals, and the multi-coloured wildflower bouquet, and who can forget that stunning flower crown? It just complimented her so well. I really loved her pearl necklace that was a gift from Matt's grandmother. She even wrote a lovely letter to go along with it. My second photographer Roxana photographed the guys getting ready at the couple's home, and they had a ton of great details as well! They each had custom cufflinks made, all had different colourful socks, and they all were wearing bow tie's- which I adore, and a navy blue suit. The most important detail of all? Their dog Arlo! 

After we photographed the getting ready photos we headed to VanDusen Botanical Gardens for wedding party and couple photos. I got one of my favourite wedding party photos ever! I saw a statue head there and immediately wanted the bridal party to mimic that serious statue look-and it worked out so well with the evergreen bushes cut out so perfectly behind them-killer! Because it was a sunny day the tall grass lit up like we were in heaven-just full of vibrant green/yellow-so needless to say I photographed WAY too many couple photos there. How can you not?!

After completing the wedding portraits the ceremony and reception took place at the Medina Cafe. It was such a unique venue for a unique couple! They truly brought this place to life with their own personal style! The ceremony area was set up and had a black curtain with 4 brass rings with twinkle lights and flowers surrounding each one, and below that they had individual silver jars with tons of flowers inside. The cake was out of this world delicious as well with their own initials on top. They really added some romance to the room as well as each table had a glass candle on top with twinkle lights inside. 

They had such a sentimental wedding ceremony, so full of laughter and tears. I cried for sure! It was super emotional seeing all the guests and parents being overjoyed that theses two finally tied the knot! Super intimate and special.  After the ceremony they had such a fun night of speeches, dancing, and both Cate and Matt changed into their comfy shoes.! Then the newlyweds ended the evening with a romantic first dance. Such an adorable couple.

A perfect end to a perfect day!