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When it comes to wedding invitations, no one element is king. Every single detail, from the colour of the ink to weight of the paper impacts the impression your wedding invitations have on your guests. And in this age of digital obsession, more and more people are putting a high value on physical objects. For many guests, your wedding invitations become some of the few keepsakes for your wedding, as now a day, so few people print photos or gift favours. Putting your heart and energy into creating invitations that reflect who you are and the thematic style of your wedding is worth it. And doing it alone - well, we'll put it this way, it's a lot trickier and a lot more work than it sounds. A creative team with an eye for detail (like gluing together pieces of paper that line up perfectly 100 times), and with an understanding of what mixing modern trends with a formal wedding element means. The Social Page Design Studio is one of Calgary's premier wedding stationeryshops, and you'll be able to see why.

It's true - it can be exhausting. Wading through hundreds of design options, and then when you feel like you finally picked one you love, that's when things are just getting started. The paper, the layers of paper, the wording, the font, the colour, embellishments, the graphic design elements, the envelopes, the liners. The list goes on and on - and remember, that's just your invitations,  we haven't even started into things like programs, menus, and place cards. A stationery professional will make not only make creating your stationery enjoyable - they'll make it beautiful, and they'll save you hundreds and hundreds of hours of work. The Social Page has a team of dedicated staff to take the labour of your wedding stationery.


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