Fall 2017 / Winter 2018

Your Guide for Weddings in BC, Calgary, Edmonton and the Rockies

One of our favourite things about weddings is seeing how couples take traditions that are centuries old, and adapt them to suit their personalities and needs. Your wedding ceremony is one of the most exciting and important ways you can make your wedding unique and meaningful to you. Everything from the people you have standing beside you, to the vows you say to each other, to the music that plays after your first kiss, your wedding ceremony deserves a location that is as unique as your love for one another!

Rooftop Patios: As one of the sunniest places in the world, Calgary and Southern Alberta is home to some gorgeous rooftop patios. A restaurant with a rooftop terrace can be a one-stop-shop for weddings, with your catering and bar services all tied in. But be aware, the cost to buy out a restaurant for a night might be more expensive than booking a traditional ceremony and reception space.

Public Gardens: The city spends a lot of time and resources making our public gardens look beautiful, so why not take advantage of them? To hold your wedding ceremony in a public garden requires a special permit, so if you find a few spaces you love, contact City Hall to find out if you’re able to host a ceremony in the public space.

Art Gallery: Galleries give life and texture to a wedding ceremony, and provide guests with the opportunity to enjoy an art collection while they’re waiting for the ceremony to begin. By hosting your ceremony at an art gallery, you’re supporting a local small businesses, and there's always a chance you’ll end up falling in love with a piece of art which can become a lasting memento of the day.

Music Festival:  To guarantee an unforgettable and entertaining wedding ceremony, consider a music festival. Perfect for a free-spirited couple who craves adventure, rally your best friends into their cars and dance the entire weekend way!

Campground: Casual, intimate and cozy, renting a campground for your wedding ceremony is ideal for couples who want to bond and connect with their guests. Sharing drinks and laughs around a campfire, swimming in the lake before the ceremony, and eating breakfast all together the morning after is something relaxed guests will definitely enjoy!