Fall 2017 / Winter 2018

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In the wedding world, there is nothing more exciting than a collaboration between talented artists. At Calgary Bride, we've had the good fortune of working with Trena Olfert, and Justin Hammer on shoots for both the Calgary Bridal Guide and Luxe by Calgary Bride and their talent and energy is what brings them to the forefront of the Calgary wedding industry. We could brag about them for days, we could, but that's not all this blog is about - Trena and Justin are partnering up to open a brand new, full-service bridal beauty salon late this Spring and they have some beauty deals that are way too good to pass up!

You can literally treat your entire bridal party to a host of services this summer for amazing prices - here are a few of the gems that we love best - click here to see all the amazing offerings and to support their campaign!

$25 Simple Beauty - Pop in for a lil hair touchup and mini makeup touchup for 30mins of pure bliss. You will also receive $10 gift card from Hammer Headz & Trena laine to use at your next appointment.

$75 Quickie Beauty - Just need a quick refresher? Here you are! Partial Foil/Root Touchup/Style by the HammerHeadzSalon Team with Light Makeup Application from Trena Laine MUA with a glass of champagne , of course. (2 hours)

$180 for Bling Bling Beauty - Now this is fabulous! The lovely and local jewelry designer ,EV Stenroos, has offered in this beauty package a wonderful 25% off one time purchase of any bling over $100 PLUS a little extra sparkle is added to the package with a complimentary set of 'crystal ball' earrings ( earrings valued at $60) Our hair/makeup glam team will toss in glass of bubbly, wash and blowout by Hammer Headz team with partial facial wax, full makeup application and fake lashes by a trena laine MUA. Perfect way to celebrate and gift yourself! So we think! ( 2 hours) please note EV Stenroos promotion expires within 12 months of purchase Check out the talented Ellinor of EV Stenroos. A well known local & international bossbabe! www.evstenroos.com instagram @evstenroos twitter @evstenroos Facebook / EV Stenroos

1. Why did TLMU and HH decide to collaborate on a space together?
Trena Laine - Collaborating with our pal and Master Hair stylist Justin Hammer of Hammer Headz Salon to open up our first cohesive retail space absolutely made sense. A new home for our current and new clientele to come and be pampered in from the "neck up." This new home will also house aspiring artists and estheticians to be a part of our family and grow their clientele in a supportive environment. We will collaborate together for Market Nights and Client VIP's Evenings that bring all of our best clients under one roof and give the opportunity to share and introduce clients to the other talents under our roof.

Hammer Headz- Trena and I have known and worked with each other for many years we have collaborated with photoshoots runway shows and everyday bridal clients. We have since become great friends. The reason for opening and sharing this amazing space together is to provide a one-stop destination for all beauty needs.

2. What will this bring to Calgary brides?
TL - We already have been doing weddings and other gigs together. Made 200% sense to combine our services into full blown wedding packages coming into 2018. You will find us continuing to support our wedding industry and being strong leaders with how we do business. Also as noted in our new studio other services we refer our brides to every season will now be accessible under one roof. It's creating win-wins for not just brides for everyone involved. Plus Justin is just awesome. He and his hubby have become family to us after all these years. On the Trena Laine side we are improving how we handle booking appointments and now moving into our wedding bookings strictly being its own service. We will also have our Concierge available now at the studio to take care of all of our clients efficiently and respectfully. Our makeup team is a team of 5, and we can handle any size party that comes our way and NOW can refer our weddings to our main studio squeeze 10 steps away.

HH - Our space will provide a one-stop beauty destination for bridal needs from pre-services to the most important and special day of their lives. Our talented staff will provide a relaxing chill lounge environment to help build relationships with our clients and brides to be. We are always going to push and educate one another on the latest trends. Being in the wedding industry, we can also be a great resource for other vendors.

3. What are you most excited about for your new space?
TL - To work and play alongside some of the coolest people in our industry I get to call friends and family. Create jobs and opportunity to other aspiring artists in the community. Continue to mentor and raise other talents up. Also to now have regular studio hours for clients to pop by and do a little retail shopping, including our own makeup line. Expand a few services that our clients have been asking for and to promote the other businesses within our walls to our clients. Team work makes the dream work!

HH- I'm excited to create a new culture in the beauty industry in calgary. I'm exited to provide the space for other inspiring stylists and finally sharing a space with my friend and mentor in the industry, Trena Laine.