Confetti Fall/Winter 2018

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  • The Show Guide: An absolute MUST for staying organized, the #WFyyc Show Guide is back! Pick up your Calgary bridal show program when you arrive and find a map of the show floor. If you meet a vendor you connect with, make sure to circle them on the floor map. That way, you'll also know what aisles you've been down! And for your super organized bridesmaid (because we all have one), go for a colour coding system for vendors you liked, loved and definitely want to follow up with!
  • Sticky Notes: Bear with me - it might sound a little finicky, but there's method to my madness! When you chat with a vendor at the Calgary bridal show you think might work for your wedding, make sure you grab a brochure or postcard. Take a step away from the booth and jot down what you spoke about, who you spoke too, and any other pertinent information on the sticky. Attach the sticky (firmly!!) to the postcard so when you are reviewing the materials after the show, you can remember what you talked about with each vendor.
  • Use (sassy!) files to keep paper organized: By the time you finish the show, you are going to have handfuls of business cards, brochures, and postcards - keep them organized from the get go! Bring three file folders with you that you can file away your papers in - one for Potential Vendors (a little research needs to be done), one for Follow Up Vendors (to email within a week of the show) and one for Great Deals, so exhibitors who offered a fantastic deal on the day of the show that just might sway a decision for you (or at least deserves an conversation with your fiancÚ ). I found these sassy folders for a few bucks at Home Sense - if you're going to bring folders, they might as well be sassy!
  • Follow The Hashtag: Obviously, Instagram is your best friend ever - but did you think it could help you plan your wedding? All day long, vendors are going to be sharing images of their booths, promotions and advice on the hashtag #WFyyc. Make sure to click on that hashtag and save photos from the booths you loved - that way you can revisit that list at the end of the day and find out which vendors you were wowed by!
  • BONUS! At the show, each bride receives a canvas bag when they walk through the doors, which is the perfect place to tuck your file folders.