Confetti Fall/Winter 2019

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From the Creative Team

We want you to meet Betsy, the beer truck, our lovely muse for this shoot. Betsy hasn’t been out and about for a few years and was dying to have a little fun. So, we gave Betsy her wish. We brought Betsey out to the beautiful countryside and designed a stylish, boho-country wedding just for her. As our muse, Betsy received first-class treatment with hanging ribbons and flowers along her box, and the prettiest garland along her fender. We also could not pass up the chance to have a little pun with the beer taps – Ale Always Love You! For the rest of the design, we wanted to design the rest of the wedding for a couple who would love to have Betsy as a guest at their wedding. They, of course, had to love beer. And they also love a moody boho colour palette with specific rustic elements that complement the beauty of the country.


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