Confetti Fall/Winter 2019

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In every relationship, there are unforgettable days and unforgettable moments. They are little fragments of time that for whatever reason, made your heart flutter or your pulse race or your cheeks blush. They can be as simple as the first time your hands brushed when you were reaching for some popcorn, or when you managed to tell a story that made his friends laugh so hard they had tears in their eyes or that time something really lame happened, and the first call they made was to you. These are moments in time that might not seem important, but in the story of your love, they are worth entire chapters. 

Today's engagement session didn't start out that way - this is one of those moments that was going to be huge from the get go. Jennine and Rob of Jennine Hamel Creative tagged along with Nicole and Aaron to capture Aaron's surprise proposal. The look on Nicole's face is priceless - we are so excited to share this gorgeous moment in their love story! 


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