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Moody and dramatic, we are so excited to be sharing this intimate fine art engagement session by Willow & Wolf Photography. So how hilarious is this? Sarah and Karman knew each other socially, and both agreed to be set up on a date by mutual friends. When they found out they were being set up with each other, and they agreed to laugh about the small-world coincidence over drinks. That date bloomed into love, and buying a house together! On the day they took possession of their home, Karman got down on one knee and told Sarah he wanted her to remember that this house would always be filled with love, proposing on the spot! We know you're going to love Sarah's elegant engagement style as much as we do - hear more from the bride after the jump!

From the bride:

I ran my own photography business for three years and learned a lot about wedding photography. As a photographer, it's extremely important for me to have someone that has artistic flare and a keen eye for detail. After receiving Karman's approval to let me pick out the photographer, I started to search high and low for someone that could give me what I wanted. I stumbled across Andrew Pavlidis and his website and reviewed his wedding portfolio. It met every expectation. His work was artistic, had a knack for landscape photography and he had images that were more candid than posed, which I feel makes the photos more natural. I set up a time to connect with him back in November 2015 and he quickly introduced me to Bec Kilpatrick who worked with him. The two of them started Willow & Wolf and we enjoyed setting up plans for our engagement session! They are so much fun to work with and are very open to ideas. They also provided us with lovely high quality edited images and a lot of them. To boot- their turn around time is so fast and you won't spend time waiting months to finally get your images. The session itself was so much fun that we even invited them back to our place for some wine!  We are so excited to have them both photograph our wedding day and would highly recommend them to anyone!

Purple Engagement Gown

Creative Team:

Photography: Willow & Wolf Photography 

Hair: Tessa Mills with Headkandi Salon

Make up: Alannah Hutchings with MAC 


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