Spring 2018

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We all love a good story.  From watching our favourite TV shows on Netflix to tracing how two friends meet, fall in love, and get married. Good stories stay with us, inspire us, and connect us. 

Sadly, we've all been to wedding ceremonies that were the farthest thing from a good story.  A typical wedding ceremony can be dull and cookie-cutter.  However, wedding ceremonies should be so much more than that!  They should be more than predictable tasks to accomplish on the way to the party.  Your wedding day can come alive with a good story - your unique love story.  Here are three mold-breaking components to a unique wedding ceremony.

First, choose a good storyteller.  Scratch that - choose a great storyteller.  I encourage you to find a professional officiant you trust.   Find an officiant who engages you, listens to your story and creates a ceremony based on who you are.  Do you have a great first date story?  Do you have a love story that took herculean strength to bring together?  Is there a moment that completely transformed you as a couple?  These are the brushstrokes that, when placed in the hands of a skilled officiant, will make your ceremony a masterpiece. 

Second, be thoughtful about your intentions.  Before you even meet with an officiant take time to answer this all-powerful question - What does marriage mean to us?  Your answer to this question will help your officiant pull together the ceremony elements that mean the most to you.  By sharing your intentions your officiant will have the materials to form a ceremony that inspires your guests and makes your day unforgettable. 

Third and final aspect to an amazing ceremony, be mindful of all the people at your wedding.  Of course, your most important connection will be the person standing in front of you, looking amazing, and ready to spend the rest of their life with you.  But remember that you and your partner aren't the only people present.  Every person present represents a unique part of your story.  They energize your wedding day and offer support in the days to come.  With your story, and a great officiant, each one of your connections will be transformed by your ceremony.

By sharing the most important stories in our lives we are less alone and more alive.  Your wedding ceremony is the right place, the pinnacle of places, to share your unique love story. 

A great officiant will turn your unique love story into an amazing ceremony, a ceremony that is fun and packed with meaning for you and your partner.  And your wedding doesn't end here!  Your loved ones will be led by you to the reception, celebrating the joy of being together under the banner of your unique love story.