Spring 2018

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When a beautiful wedding day goes off without a hitch, it seems to just sparkle - even looming storm clouds couldn't put a damper on the bride and grooms excitement! Colleen and Jason's wedding day was filled with crisp whites and spring greens, as well as touches of metallics that added an extra pop. This sunny decor helped set the mood for a full on celebration! With the entire day captured by Photos with Finesse, meet the rest of the Creative Team after the jump!

From the bride:

One moment that really stuck out for me was when we were heading out to get the pictures done, big black rain clouds were coming and everyone was freaking out except me, the bride! I was still on my high of getting married and nothing was going to ruin that. I just told everyone to chill out and the storm would pass in 10 minutes. While we waited, we chilled out with a beer in hand. The rain stopped in 10 minutes, like I had said and made for such beautiful photos, everything was so green. The photo session was nice and laid back and after we went to the pub for some drinks while we waited to leave for the reception. Someone at the bar bought me a nice ruby red shot, I was like "thanks guy, perfect shot to do in a white dress!" Haha, still did it without spilling. Oh yeah!