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Hi Alix,

Like wedding dresses, finding the perfect wedding suit can be a process. No two bodies are the same, and many grooms find that when they try on an off the rack suit, it just doesn't feel right. Maybe the pants hang a little too loose, maybe the shoulders of the jacket are a little too tight. Or sometimes it's the look - a suit rental shops have stock options a plenty, but for a groom looking for something slick, modern and that speaks to their personality, those shops can feel a little thin on choices. 

What many grooms don't realize is that a custom made suit is not only possible, it's a great investment. Eli Custom Suits is a local, Calgary based custom suit clothier who creates bespoke suits from high quality fabrics from some of the best mills in England and Italy.

While it may sound a bit over whelming, having a custom suit designed for your wedding day, the process is more straight forward than you might think. Offering bespoke suits, where a unique, original pattern specific to a client's body structure is created, as well as made-to-measure suits, where adjustments are made to a pre-existing pattern, Eli Custom Clothier comes to your home or office to measure and design your custom suit, choosing fabrics for the lining of the suit and adding detailing such as buttons, threads and more.

Your bespoke wedding suit process doesn't have to end there - Eli Custom Clothier also offers custom-made shoes that you design yourself.  Their footwear product line offers more than one hundred leather and fabric materials, twenty shoe style models, two toe shapes, seven out sole types, and a variety of coloured laces and additional trims.

For more information on designing your own custom made suit, connect with Eli Custom Suits here.