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Music plays such an intimate part of lives. It's the soundtrack to your inner most feelings, sings to your love and relationships, nurtures you when your heart is heavy and lifts you up when you're riding high. Your first dance song will always tug at your heartstrings, every time you hear it for the next 50 years and beyond. Your fiancé embrace and kiss after your first dance, and then you'll be whisked away by parents. For grooms who take their mother's hand for a special dance together, giving the gift of a song to create the same memory she'll keep in her heart. 

This weekend, we are so excited to help Canadian jazz musician Deanne Matley celebrate the release of her brand new single, LOVE HIM FOREVER. Inspired by Matley's experiences as an in-demand wedding performer, and her realization that there are plenty of songs to choose from when it comes to Father-Daughter dances, but few that highlight the special relationship between Mother and Son.

Known for her pure but powerful voice, her way with a vocal line, and her ability to swing hard, emote softly, and connect with her audience, Deanne has made a name for herself across Canada and beyond. The ability to sing brilliantly in both French and English has made her in-demand for private performances across the country. Her latest and most ambitious album, Because I Loved, an emotion-driven combination of original songs and exquisite, heartfelt jazz and pop covers, came out in May 2018 and reached #6 on the Canadian national jazz charts.

Asking Deanne a few questions about what makes the song so special gave us goose bumps - check out why she knows you'll love this song for the grooms first dance with his mother! 

How is this song the perfect song for a son to share with his mother on mother's day?

Well...if he wants to make her cry then it's perfect lol.  It's a a nice way to let his mom know that he cherishes his relationship and the deep bond that he has with her.  Sometimes we may not be able to express how we feel with our own words, that's why there are cards..but music does the same thing;  Music is the gateway to our hearts.  It is what connects us and isn't that what relationships are all about; connection?  

How is this song different from your other work? 

Love Him Forever is more of an "Adult Contemporary" piece, where my past work has mostly been focused in the "Jazz" genre. This song will connect with more hearts all over the world because it is hitting an uncommon niche and in a more "popular" style.  

Most of my work has been around adult love relationships, this will be the first song that is about a specific family relationship. I have been able to write music based on my personal experiences, where with this song, as I don't have kids, it was solely based on a feeling.  

Why this song?

The relationship between a mother and son is extremely powerful, it is how young men learn to be in relationship with women.  As a single woman, when looking for a man, the relationship between him and his mother is, in general, a sign of how he will show up with me in relationship.  Too often I have asked wedding clients, "Will there be a mother/son dance?"  And  usually the answer is no..this song will change that.  


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