Spring 2018

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Didn't get a chance to get away this weekend? Ugh. We feel you. If you didn't spend the weekend soaking up love and laughter by a lake or on a mountaintop, then it's time to take getting out of the city into your hands. Call your wedding party and tell them to meet you at Ricardo's. With a selection of over 100 specialty rums and a menu inspired by fresh island cuisine, the casual atmosphere makes it the perfect place to kick back with your favourite people and catch up on everything you've missed this summer.

And maybe everyone you know needs a little escape - we don't blame you! With a capacity for 60 people, have a destination getaway without even leaving #yyc. The huge patio right off 17th Avenue allow for a great indoor/outdoor flow of your private tropical party, meaning you can go back and forth between taking in our vibrant city while escaping somewhere tropical.

So what's the best part about a tropical getaway? Sure the sunsets are great, the culture is amazing, but really, it's the drinks! Ricardo's offers you an entirely tropical inspired cocktail menu. 100+ different rums opens up your palette to a world of taste and experience you've never had before. And while it will take more than a few visits to try them all, consider letting Ricardo's expert bartenders take you on a tropical tour through rum (because that's our kind of tour).

Whether it's an afternoon bridal shower that will turn into an epic stagette, or the perfect post-wedding brunch spot, Ricardo's gives you the ultimate tropical wedding experience without any airports, suitcases or jet lag.