Spring 2018

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Considering how close we are to the mountains, it never comes as a surprise when we hear about stagettes that are way more than just having a few drinks and laugh. Brides and their besties are taking in the great outdoor with abandon, from hiking to snowshoeing to cross-country skiing. We can't think of a better way to celebrate your wedding than by filling your lungs with a unique adventure with your best friends at your side. Today on the blog, adventure seeker and stagette guide Ronna Schneberger of Walk With Ronna is sharing her top tips for planning a fabulous getaway that can bring you to the top of the world!

5 Ways to throw a Fun Stagette

Base it on the Bride's Interests

Integrate one key experience the bride will love.  Does she like yoga, dancing, wine?  Find an activity everyone can do that incorporates one of her favourite activities.

Ask the Bride to Provide you with a Guest List

Take the guess work out and simply ask her who she wants to come.  You don't want to miss important relatives from the fiancé's side or old friends.

Plan but Leave Room in the Schedule for Surprises

Set up a schedule with set activities but leave some down time for things to flow.  You never know what may transpire organically, sharing drinks talking just might be her favourite moment of the whole experience.

Bond with a New Experience Everyone Can Do

When planning activities keep everyone on the guest list in mind.  You don't want hurt feelings or drama afterward.  Find an activity that brings everyone together, maybe something they have to solve or do as a group.  Helping the group bond now will make the wedding day that much better.

Consider Hiring a Professional to Lead

For a special occasion like this considering hiring a professional to teach the group something new like a dance session, a yoga class or wine tasting.  Find someone who is experienced at making these events fun and meaningful.  Ask them what experience they have with bridal parties and what they do to make it special.   Having the right activity lead by a great instructor will not only make it fun but also bring the group together.