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You've found the perfect gown - now you just need to make it fit perfectly to your body shape! While many wedding gown salons offer in-house tailoring, there are many that don't. And if you bought your wedding gown consignment, then there there's a good chance you need a seamstress who can make the necessary alterations! 

So when you're looking for a seamstress what you should expect and what should you ask?

First off, tailoring is becoming a lost art as fewer and fewer young people learn the delicate and specific techniques to fitting and altering garments so don't expect to save a bunch of money by choosing a dress that's not in your size or that will need a lot of alterations. Be prepared to pay what the service and time of the tailor is worth - after all, this isn't a pair of drapes they're working on! This is your wedding dress!

A few questions to ask a seamstress before you hand over your gown would be:

  • How many hours do you think it will take to do the alterations? 
  • How many fitting appointments will I need?
  • What is the time frame I can expect my gown to be done by?
  • Can I see before and after photos of other gowns you've worked on?
  • What does the price you've quoted me include?

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions but like anything, it's always good to get a few quotes from different seamstresses to find the best fit for you! 

Calgary Wedding Dress Alterations:

Mari's Bridal Alterations - 403-700-1361

Unravel Creations 

Anika's Alterations - 403-483-9933

Ivy Rose Designs - 403-652-6395

Liz Tailor and Seamstress - 587-433-5158

Sew Delicious 


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