Spring 2018

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Peep Toe 

The peep toe heel continues to be a popular choice among modern brides having fair weather weddings, with the heel heights varying from flats, up to 3.5 inches. Sexy and sweet, these are the perfect shoes for hot destinations. 

Texture and Colour
Texture and colour continue to play an important role in bridal fashion, with snakeskin and stingray leather taking the lead on exotic new materials. Heel adornment is huge, as is the addition of mesh textiles. Brushed metallic leathers are a great and versatile option that you will enjoy wearing for years after the wedding. Following Louboutin's lead, brightly coloured soles are another trend to watch out for moving into 2017. 


High heels have always been a seductive status symbol. High heels elongate the legs, emphasize your calves and exaggerate your arches for a sexy, feminine look. The word stiletto literally means "sharp dagger" and its appeal is the contradiction between its elegance, fragility and sexiness. This is your choice ifs you wish to add heigh, but be forewarned that in order to wear them comfortable, you must have a decent arch already. Today's stiletto's are so well engineered that many women find them comfortable enough to wear for hours. 


There are many women who rarely scale the dizzying hiehgdths of a 2 oe 3 inch heel. For those women who have flatter arches, fear of heights or perhaps are planning a beach wedding, flat soled shoes are the answer. Ballerina facts are still popular, as are sandal style shoes with pretty embellishments like crystals or flowers. 


The idea that jewellery and shoes are connect is not a new one. There is a lovely irony to having a pair of precious shoes covered in glittering stones. Shoes are, after all, designed to protect our feet from the ground. Your wedding shoes are the perfect opportunity to try glamourous trends like crstyal heel decoration, or a jewelled sole that fashles from beneath when you walk.